Elteria Adventures Wiki

This is the copy of the official patch notes, posted on steam: Steam Announcement

Pre-Alpha 0.10.2 b81 -> Pre-Alpha 0.11.2 b101


  • New notification interface
  • Ability telegraphs for other players and monsters now are correctly displayed
  • Implemented basic world regeneration after the destruction of the world by abilities
  • Finalization of the animation system in the engine
  • Added population system: Objects, monsters, chests, etc. now spawn in the world themselves in different places
  • The character now starts without abilities, abilities are obtained by leveling in the character window (C key)
  • All resources necessary for leveling are present in the inventory since creation, this will be removed as soon as it becomes possible to get them using the gameplay methods
  • Added a voxel patch system for a swift world update
  • Added vignette post-effects
  • In the character window, skills can be selected and placed on the skills panel. Clothes and blueprints are also can be chosen
  • Added tips on the ability panel
  • Added voxel damage system. Abilities now do damage to voxels but do not immediately break them, although the exact numbers have not yet tuned. And there is no damage display yet


  • Updated character jump animations
  • Added effect for a block with a sword animation
  • Updated character portraits
  • Updated character animations: run, attack with a sword, attack with a hammer, idle, running with a hammer for a female, basic animations of movement for a female, running with stone hands for the male
  • Added Sword Block ability for Fighter
  • Added Stone Clap ability and slow effect for it
  • Added resistance to negative effects such as pushing and stunning
  • Stone Hands is now switchable ability with CD 1 second
  • Blazing Shot ability simplified


  • Added Hammer Smash ability for the Aster's Crushing Hammer
  • Added ability for Solara's Grace
  • Added abilities for Dark Blade Leonard
  • Added ability for Sir Karst's Armor
  • Added abilities to the Diadem of Willen
  • Added double jump for Sturdy Leather Armor
  • Added Grog's Frenzy's ability - flying sword
  • Updated descriptions, titles and icons for many items

Monsters and flora[]

  • Added Plum Octopus
  • Added Large Tentacle
  • Added the Tentacle AI
  • Added tentacle abilities
  • Added the tentacle bush
  • Added the Spring Sunflower
  • Updated the Skeleton animations
  • Updated Beelemo fly animation
  • Updated Nature and Wonder gems animations
  • Updated the round bushes
  • Updated tentacle bush
  • Updated desert biome textures

Bugfixes are omitted due to the closed state of the development.