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Template:Spoiler Anastasia - is an NPC, one of the key figures of the Elteria Cataclysm and Elteria Adventures plot. He welcomes player the first The player encounters her several times throughout the game - by interacting with Elteria Hearts.

She helps you to understand the basics of the game and guides you through the storyline - up to the end of the first chapter.

Anastasia is the interface (well, kind of) that allows players to interact with Elteria Hearts through dialogues. Some actions (e.g. crafting an artifact) will Dialogue the effect "Call of Anastasia", which tells the player that Anastasia has a new quest. The effect disappears after talking with Anastasia.


Anastasia dialogue

Dialogue with Anastasia

1st Dialogue: Communicating with the Elteria Heart for the first time.

  • Talk to Anastasia for the first time. She gives you information about the world and tells you how to survive in it.
  • Anastasia tells you about Gems and suggests you collect them to become stronger.

Reward: Neophyte Glove


Main article: Elteria Cataclysm Anastasia is one of the Ancient Elteria Souls. She was studying the Dark and Link Gems before the Elteria Cataclysm, which forced her to bind her soul with the Elteria - allowing her to partially control its ecosystem. However, years and years of loneliness and imprisonment in the spiritual form drove her crazy. The only thing she can think about now is how to get more souls and Power Sources to regain back her physical form.