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Aster's Crushing Hammer

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Aster's Crushing Hammer

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Aster's Crushing Hammer - power source artifact.

Description in the recipe: Experiments with dark and lava gems for the creation of the perfect weapon has lead to incredible results. The weapons obtained during the research had been passing through any obstacles, easily destroying them. Unfortunately, the scientists were unable to repeat the success, and experiments on colliding two hammers remained only on paper.

Quote on item: «Stay away from the enemy with such weapons. It is capable of destroying even what the time cannot cope with.» - Yevgeny Demidtsev»


The recipe drops from the Treasure Chest in the dark and mountain biomes.


  • Attack +250
  • HP +500


Knockbacks enemies for 2 meters away and destroys even durable voxels. This ability replaces character's base attack.
Ability Icon Smash
Damage: 300+100%Atk
Energy cost: 20%
Cast time: 1.0 s
Cooldown: 1.0 s
Cast range: 10 m


While casting, character's movement speed reduced by 90%