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Averdeen Officer's Armor

Fighter wearing the Averdeen Officer's Armor

Averdeen Oficer's Armor - an armor artifact.


Averdeen Officer's Armor Icon

Description in the recipe: One of the Averdeen soldiers was famous for never losing a fight. After any brawl, the indestructible Sir Karst was always on his feet. Street boys saluted and whistled to him, barely seeing the brilliance of his gilded armor, which he never took off.

Quote on item: «Our army faces our future adversities»



  • HP +800
  • Phys. Def +15%
  • Magical Def +5%

Abilities []

Collect Point
The character places a platform with a Linked Elteria Heart under their feet. At the same time, no more than one platform can exist. All allied characters on the platform receive a buff increasing their maximum health by 20% for 30 seconds, and the platform owner 30% for 30 seconds. If the Linked Elteria Heart is destroyed, the platform's buff will cease to function, and the reload of the ability will begin anew.
Ability Icon Collect Point
Cast time: ?
Cooldown: ?


Duration: 30 seconds Maximum Health Bonus: 20% for allies, 30% for user