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Battle Royale - special mode of Elteria Adventures, in which players fight on a battleground until only one player emerge victorious. Players have to survive for as long as they can, while simultaneously getting as much score as they can.

Battle Royale Mode is intended for experienced players; entry permitted only with a calling of at least 5 level. Battles occur on the large island, all types of islands.


To enter the Battle, players have to apply via any Elteria Heart GUI and then wait in the queue, until there are at least ten players ready for the match. In the beginning, players spawn in random places with 30-second long polymorph debuff; this allows them to run off in different directions. After that, the island starts to break down from edges to center, and timer of 15 minutes begins. Landscape regenerates with only 1-minute delay. There are following types of recourses on the battlefield: gem shards, trees, stone, iron. Gem shards instantly restore 5% of energy. There is also small numbers of monsters and traps. In this mode, they always drop healing potions. Players can use their blueprints, but not using outside resources - they have to collect them inside the current match.

Points table:

  • Player kill - 500 points
  • Monster kill - 200 points
  • Gem shard collection - 10 points

For every 1000 points player gets one rainbow gem.

Match ends if there is only one player left. Otherwise, if time is up, the player with the highest score wins. In case of death, the player leaves the match.


There is a leaderboard, in which weekly top 100 players are shown. They are sorted by points. Only the highest score from a single match is shown. For the first three places in the Leaderboard, players get the special item - Golden Crown.

Boop Royale[]

There is another Battle Royale mode, intended for novice players so that they can enter right away. These mode's arena is an archipelago with traps. In this mode, the primary objective is to push other players off the islands into the void.

  • Players are unable to use their callings abilities
  • Players can use only special ability - Boop
  • If the player falls off the island, they leave the match
  • This mode has separate Leaderboard
Pushes target for 5 meters.
Ability Icon Boop
Energy cost: 5%
Cast time: instant
Cooldown: 10 second
Cast range: Melee


Only available in novice Battle Royale mode While casting, character's movement speed reduced by 50%