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Blueprints GUI

Blueprint GUI

Blueprint is an object that allows players to build voxel structures in the world.

To use the blueprint, the player has to obtain all the required materials in the inventory and then blueprint becomes available to install using a telegraph. The blueprints are the only way to build in Elteria Adventures, with the exception of abilities.


Blueprints can be obtained in the following ways:

Once the blueprint received, it's available via the blueprint list, located in the character GUI.


Blueprints are divided into 4 types of materials and 5 rarity classes.


There are four types of materials for blueprints: Dirt, Wood, Stone, Iron. They differ from each other by durability: 1, 2, 3, 4 respectively. From 2 and higher blueprints can be made.


There are 5 classes: Basic, Common, Uncommon, Rare, Mythical. There is also Workbenches, a special type.

Basic BPs have the size 0.25x0.25x0.25 m. They are just one voxel. Some of basic BPs: Iron Block, Gold Block, Stone Cube, Wood Cube.

Common BPs are geometric objects of more than one voxel, in particular, 1x1x1m cubes.

Uncommon BPs are special objects, often decorative, the installation of which also requires materials. Examples: Doors, windows, fences, tiles, etc.

Rare BPs are like common or uncommon BPs, but they have enchantments. Enchantment examples:

  • In a radius of 3 meters, regenerate 1% HP per second. Stacks up to 2 times.
  • Within 3 meters, reduce damage dealt to ally characters by 2%. Stacks up to 2 times.
  • On the destruction of any voxel of this blueprint, with probability 5%, spawns random skeletons.
  • Increase durability of all structures within a 10m radius by 1. Not stackable.
  • Increase movement speed of the characters within 3m by 10%. Not stackable.
  • Within a 3m radius, it spawns explosive pumpkins every 5s, up to 3 spawned pumpkins can exist.

Workbenches are special objects that a player can place only in his home. Home workbench is the default one.

In the future, it is planned to add a blueprint crafting, but its mechanic has not yet been thought out.


Blueprints can have skins, they are purchased in game store. Skins alter visual appearance but stay within the material and class. They are grouped by the material. For example, 'Rich Red Wood Door' skin can be applied to the 'Wooden Door' blueprint, but not to the stone or iron door.

List of Blueprints[]

Screenshot Name Material type Strength Class
Wooden Cube Wood 2 Base
Stone Cube Stone 3 Base
Wooden Stairs Wood 2 Common
Stone Stairs Stone 3 Common
Iron Stairs Steel 4 Common
Wooden Wall Wood 2 Common
Stone Wall Stone 3 Common
Iron Wall Steel 4 Common
Wood Platform Wood 2 Common
Stone Platform Stone 3 Common
Iron Platform Steel 4 Common
Iron Cube Steel 4 Common
Door1 Uncommon
Door2 Uncommon
Window1 Uncommon
Window2 Uncommon
Window3 Uncommon
Window4 Uncommon
Window5 Uncommon
Window6 Uncommon
Window7 Uncommon
Tiles Uncommon
Chest Workbenches
Workbench Workbenches
Floor Portal Workbenches
Rainbow portal Workbenches
The statue of a hare Workbenches
Pumpkin * Rare
Speed * Rare
Fort * Rare
Undead * Rare
Endurance * Rare
Regeneration * Rare