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Callings GUI

Abilities are divided into groups by the level of Calling

Callings are playable character classes with unique abilities and appearances.

The number of gems you need to level up is shown in the UI

The player can choose several paths of character progression which are called "Callings". Each path is divided into levels and every level grants a new set of abilities. Most of the abilities come from the character's Calling, although some can be acquired with an artifact.

The level of Calling is increased by the use of Gems. It can be developed up to the fifth level. The higher the level - the higher its price; it also varies with each Calling. The exact amount of Gems will be shown in the interface.

The fifth level of the primary Calling also grants a passive bonus to a certain combat characteristic.

There are currently five Callings: Fighter, Demolisher, Architect, Trickster and Summoner.

Short description for each Calling[]

Abilities of the Fighter are mainly focused around melee combat, increasing damage resistance and allowing the player to quickly move around in a fight. Fighters are the core of any team, being the classic melee fighters. Additional abilities of this path allow you to use vampirism, stun opponents and more.
Fifth level will change the appearance of the character - skin as well as pupils of the character turn red and demonic horns appear on the forehead.
Max level combat bonus: +10% movement speed for 3 seconds after using any skill
This Calling is associated with Dark Magic and the Dark Gem
The set of Demolisher's abilities is based around voxel destruction, massive fire damage and scattering opponents around. This makes Demolisher suitable for causing a large amount of damage and disorientation of opponents, but leaves the player vulnerable to enemy attacks, forcing to rely on external support and protection.
Fifth level of the primary Calling changes the appearance of the character - hair, hands and feet will always be surrounded by flame, which will leave a small fire track behind.
This Calling is associated with Fire Magic and the Fire Gem
Architect's abilities quickly change the terrain, changing the tactical situation on the battlefield. With skillful use, in battle such abilities can give a great advantage to the allies. Among the abilities of this Calling are: creation of a fort and walls, platforms in the air and more.
Fifth level will change the appearance of the character, covering all the body with glowing runes.
This Calling is associated with Advanced Simple Magic and the Special Gem
Abilities of the Trickster will strengthen allies and weaken opponents in a number of cunning ways, giving their team tactical advantage. For example, there is an ability to change the physical size of allies (or opponents), which changes the reach of their abilities and gives access to previously inaccessible terrain elements. Trickster is best at supporting allies and controlling the enemy.
Depending on the gender, character will get either cat or bunny ears with fifth level of the the primary Calling. Also, their pupils will turn violet.
This Calling is associated with Wonder Magic and the Wonder Gem
Summoner's abilities invoke various natural forces and objects around to control the battlefield. Depending on the type, summoned objects are able to hide allies or seize control over enemy characters. Summoner focuses mainly on a support and situation monitoring.
Fifth level of the primary Calling changes the appearance of the character - pupils turn green, antlers appear on the head and leaves start growing on the body.
This Calling is associated with Nature Magic and the Nature Gem