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Equipment Panel

Equipped items

Every artifact can be equipped in a corresponding slot, specified in the item's description. The player can wear any Artifact, regardless of their chosen Calling or its level.

Every artifact gives or alters some abilities. In the GUI, an artifact's abilities are positioned left-hand.

Equipment will always change the player's appearance. Note, these slots have more of a functional (not anatomical) nature.

Slot name Common ability type Description
Power Source Powerful ability, enough to define playstyle Slot for swords, staves, etc
Tool Non-combat utilities Items in this slot are useful for harvesting resources and voxel landscape manipulation
Armor Defense and support abilities Some sets will replace all the character's default clothes, some will only replace a few things. Can affect outer clothing, pants, shoulder pads, gloves, etc
Boots Movement abilities Items in this slots will give various movement abilities
Accessory Support auras Items in this slots will give various indirect protection, especially from magic