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Elteria Heart - natural landscape object, which allows players to protect territory, and also plays major role in the narrative.

Elteria Heart is located on every island of the world. Heart's controlling effects on the surrounding area are limited by it's island.

Through the Elteria Heart manifested the primary game plot - Anastasia, Levin.


Heart can be in three states - neutral, linked and corrupted.

Neutral state[]

Elteria Heart in untouched state

In this state heart exists by default. The heart appears different, depending on the surrounding nature. On green islands, it's a big blue crystal, entwined with a plant. In this state, it's always safe around the heart: in 16 feet radius (5 big voxels) any monsters come out of magical overflow state and players unable to attack each other and destroy landscape.

Linked state[]

Linked Elteria Heart (animation)

Linked Elteria Heart

Player can link them or their organization with the Heart using interface link and gain the ability to restrict other players from altering landscape on island. Player then can selectively tune permissions.

Magic overflow state[]
File:Elteria heart corrupted.gif

Elteria Heart in the magic overflow state

Activates by itself, depending on many factors. In this state heart glows violet and every ten minutes with a 50% chance all neutral creatures on island turn agressive. This state last 90 minutes.

Transition in this state is based on chance and depends on following factors:

  • If in neutral state - every 2-3 hours with 90% chance.
  • If linked, every 24 hours with 30% chance.
  • If linked with organization - every 24 hours + 20 minute for every player in it, with chance 25% - 0.3% for every player.

This state does not interrupt the ability to link with the heart.


Heart not in a linked yet state, can be linked with player or organization with an interface link item.

In future versions it will be possible to attack an enemy linked heart.