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Gems are the conductors of magic from the Magical Dimension. They are widely different, but all of them are used to craft artifacts. Link gems are the rarest and can be used to level up character's callings. To collect any gem, use Neophyte Glove's Collect Resource ability.

Gem types[]


Gems in the GUI

Simple gems and shards[]

The most commonly used type of gems, quite simple to find in the world. There is also simple gem shards, widely abundant in the world.

Simple gems are used as an energy source when creating artifacts, so they are a crucial component found in many recipes.

This type of gems can be found in the wild in the form of a big blue crystal. You can get this crystal using a stick, without Neophyte Glove, since simple gem is required to craft it.

Link Gem[]

Link gem allows players to increase their level of Calling. Can rarely be found in the wild in the form of the cyan vertical brick-shaped crystal. Finding one can be quite tricky, although they can be found both on the surface and in caves. To gain levels of Calling, activate a Link Gem using an interface in your inventory.

In the wild[]

Gems grow in the wild, similar to plants. This gallery represents their appearances.