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Grog's Frenzy screenshot
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Grog's Frenzy GUI icon

Grog's Frenzy - Power Source Artifact.

Description in the recipe: Nobody knows where this artifact came from or who created it. But one thing is certain - in history, it will forever remain under the name of his owner.

Quote on item: «This is MINE!!» - Grog the Ravager.»


  • Attack +50


Fast slash
Replaces character's base attack with the twice faster one, but also twice weaker.
Damage: 50+50%Atk
Cast time: 0.15 s
Cooldown: 0.15 s


Allows you to float in the air, gradually descending.
Cooldown: 4.0 s


Vertical speed - 5 m/s
Horizontal speed - 3 m/s

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