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Hares Concept

Hares concept w/ superimposed Hare statue from the game

Hares - are native inhabitants of Elteria. They have a passive-aggressive behavior. They will not attack, unless provoked or if the character collects something lying near a Hare. If they become aggressive, the player will be attacked by the whole village.

One of the most intelligent races. They are very close to humans – Hares live in small villages all around the world, have a clear hierarchy within the tribe and are engaged in various crafts, from simple farming to creation of magical Artifacts. Like many Elterian creatures, Hares use magic and can fight back against any enemy. But their knowledge is not limited to combat – they use Link Gems to communicate with other races – to trade and share information.

Hares usually live in groups. By default, the player cannot interact with them, but a hare-sorcerer (female, pink ones) can polymorph other races into a Hare. In this form, the player can interact with Hares. Beside friendly chat, they can offer recipes for following artifacts, in exchange for gold:

To transform back to the human form, the character must find a special potion in the village.


Hares are conscious, but their culture is still very primitive. They have evolved from animal ancestors after the Cataclysm, under the influence of magical energy of Elteria.