Elteria Adventures Wiki

Elteria Home Heart - unique object which creates Home Field - special zone, in which player resurrects after death and in which they can start building their first home.

After the second level of a Calling, the player can get the special upgrade to the Neophyte Glove via the Elteria Heart. This upgrade gives special ability - Create / Destroy Home Heart. The ability creates Elteria Home Heart in the selected area. It acts as the interface to Home Field, which is created immediately around the home heart. Only one Home Field per character is allowed. When the character enters their field, «Welcome to your home» scripture appears, or «Welcome to %player%'s home» if in other's field.

Create Elteria Home Heart
Creates Elteria Home Heart with Home Field.
Ability Icon Create Elteria Home Heart
Energy cost: 0
Cast time: 10 s
Cooldown: 43200 s (12 hours)


Requires 50 simple gems, 50 wood. After one use, this ability replaced with Destroy Elteria Home Heart.


To install the Home Heart, the player must meet the following requirements:

  • Clear of objects, flat area
  • Place not closer than 30 meters from Portal
  • Place not closer than 30 meters from Elteria Heart
  • Place not closer than 10 meters from other Home Field
  • All required materials in the character's inventory

The player can destroy the Heart at any time and anything in the field will be preserved to be installed in the different location.

Home Field[]

Home Field provides resurrection location for the owner and protect some private space from regeneration and other players. Also, it has some essential interactable objects. Field size is 15 x 15 x 30 meters, with 10 meters downwards and 20 upwards.

The Hut[]

The Hut is the default premade house, which appears immediately after installation of Home Heart. The player is free to fully destroy it and rebuild into anything. The Hut contains a chest, workbench, floor portal, and rainbow portal.