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King of the Pumpkiween - an accessory artifact.

Description in the recipe: If you ask the oldest inhabitants of Elteria, they will say that tradition of offering gifts to the spirits of the earth at the time of harvest has existed forever. The offering was to be left in the field in front of a large pumpkin, which was decorated with a straw crown and was called the king.

Quote on item: «If you want to harvest, bring gifts to the king. For if without you cut the pumpkin, expect the inevitable trouble.»


Recipe drops from Boarmelon King boss.


  • HP +100
  • Magic Defense +5%
  • Physical Defense +5%


Polymorph in a pumpkin
Turns a caster into an exploding pumpkin for 5 seconds. If the pumpkin, explodes prematurely because of taken damage, the character turns back into a human. An explosion from a pumpkin damages all enemies within a radius of 1 meter.
Explosion radius: 1 meter
Delay: 5 seconds
Ability Icon Polymorph in a pumpkin
Energy cost: 30%
Cast time: instant
Cooldown: 60 s


While in pumpkin form, character cannot move.

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