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Sharp Crystal Armor

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Sharp Crystal Armor

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Sharp Crystal Armor - power source artifact.

Description in the recipe: Despite the fact that everything in Elteria is saturated with magical energy, the crystals accumulate it much more efficiently. The unknown inventor took advantage of this and created a special armor using them. It was able to attract other fragments of crystals to restore a balance of its energy after the injuries received.

Quote on item: «At first glance, they are harmless but choose the right moment and you can neutralize the whole army.»


The recipe drops from Liana in 3rd tier desert islands.


  • Attack +100
  • Cooldown reduction +10%
  • HP +150


Crystal Bomb
For every 250 damage received or inflicted the character receives one Crystal Bomb charge (stacks up to 16). After activating the ability, the player spends all available charges of Crystal Bomb and throws them around him (charges lie on the ground for 15 seconds). If an enemy attacks the bomb, he takes damage and stuns for 1 second, and the bomb disappears.
Ability Icon Crystal Bomb
Damage: 100+50%Atk
Energy cost: 0%
Cast time: 2.0 s
Cooldown: 10 s


While casting, character's movement speed reduced by 50%