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Sir Karst's Armor screenshot
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Sir Karst's Armor - an armor artifact.

Description in the recipe: One of the Averdeen soldiers was famous for never losing a fight. After any brawl, the indestructible Sir Karst was always on his feet. Street boys saluted and whistled to him, barely seeing the brilliance of his gilded armor, which he never took off.

Quote on item: «It's useless to argue with Karst: he always stands his ground.»


The recipe drops with a small chance while digging golden ore.


  • HP +1000
  • Movement speed -10%


Dead Defense
After activation, the user becomes immune to any knockback effects, but his movement speed is reduced by 50%.
This can be turned on or off at any time.
Slowdown: 50%
Ability Icon Dead Defense
Cast time: 0.1 s
Cooldown: 2.0 s


While active, movement speed is reduced by 50%.

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