Artifact ingame sword of decisive offensive.png
Screenshot of the Sword of Decisive Offensive in game

Sword of Decisive Offensive - a power source artifact.

Description in the recipe: General Stolz was known for his intense love of military art, an incorrigible optimism, and outstanding oratory. Famous for that case, when in a critical situation in the battle he fired himself from the cannon into the enemy ranks. Soldiers were so inspired by the tremendous confidence of this man, flying above them with an unsheathed sword, that in the end, they managed to turn the tide of the battle to their side and win.

Artifact icon sword of decisive offensive.png
Sword of Decisive Offence GUI icon

Quote on item: «I swear, I've seen a halo around him, as he flew over me!» – one of the soldiers of Averdeen's Army


  • Attack - 200
  • Armor Penetration - 25%


Character dashes forward, dealing Physical Damage and stunning the first enemy he touches.

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