Elteria Adventures Wiki

This is the complete release history of Elteria Adventures. All versions are identical on all available platforms.

Version History[]


Version Release date Name Highlights and Notes
0.12.0 11 December 2018 Alpha 0.12.0[1] The first alpha build. The game is playable for the first time. UI changes, optimizations.


Version Release date Name Highlights and Notes
0.11.2 2 November 2018 Pre-Alpha 0.11.2[2] Telegraph display, new notification interface, alpha preparations
0.10.2 24 August 2018 Pre-Alpha 0.10.2[3] Night and Day cycle, glow effects, water shading, new GUI
0.10.1 11 August 2018 Pre-Alpha 0.10.1 Deferred Lighting: colorful and non-voxel lighting.
0.10.0 4 August 2018 Pre-Alpha 0.10.0[4] Deferred Rendering, UDP networking, Character GUI, Plum Octopus
0.9.0 20 July 2018 Pre-Alpha 0.9.0[5] New GUI, Gather / Mine mode, Building with blueprints