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Vestments of Shadows

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Vestments of Shadows

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Vestments of Shadows - an armor artifact.

Description in the recipe: This artifact is as amazing as it is difficult to use. The vestments of shadows will make it possible to hide from the eyes of others, but do not forget about the noise that you can make while moving. And, for Elteria's sake, try not to step on the untied end of the bandage!

Quote on item: «I saw no one, but heard the sound of footsteps behind me. He was very surprised when my arrows hit the target.»


The recipe drops from skeleton wearing this armor, or it can be purchased from hares.


  • HP +300
  • Magic Defense -10%
  • Physical Defense -10%


Allows you to become invisible out of combat mode. When equipping Vestments of Shadows, its ability activates after 6 seconds.
Ability Icon Disguise
Cast time: 6.0 s


Radius in which character can be detected is 2 meters.