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The World of Elteria is capable of regenerating itself. The general landscape generated with 5-minute delay. Generation visually manifested via the magical wisps. There are two types: Green Wisp and Purple Wisp. Purple ones only destroy player-made blueprints and green ones only restore the voxels to the original state.

Natural mineable entities like trees, stones, ores restore by itself, with a 5-minute delay. They are slightly randomized in position and visual variants each time.

Character private home zones, Home Fields, created with Elteria Home Heart, are immune to regeneration, while the player remains active.


Main article: Elteria Cataclysm Under the influence of magical cataclysm, the world started to develop some primitive form of collective mind. It seems like a primitive one, and most individual animals behave on itself, like separate entities, but the ecosystem as a whole can respond to external threats and regenerate fast using web's magical powers. As a result, whole Elteria's ecosystem became almost one entity.